Ask anyone from the healthcare industry, managing the amount of paperwork that is involved can be a daunting task. From patient records to appointment scheduling and insurance claims, the paperwork can quickly pile up. Yet, in the fast-paced world of healthcare, being responsive is extremely vital. Juggling these demands can be daunting and challenging even for professionals. At Joyform, we are firm believers of harnessing technology as an enabler to make lives better. In this article, we will visit some of the healthcare use cases that Joyform Notifications has been at the heart of healthcare.

Ways our users are using forms in Healthcare

Maintaining specialized Healthcare Equipment:

Operations managers in hospitals rely on Joyform Notifications to streamline the process of reporting breakdowns in specialized equipment. When a ticket is created about a faulty equipment, the operation manager immediately receives a notification on his/her WhatsApp. With real-time notifications, they can promptly address issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless patient care. Since a WhatsApp is very hard to miss, this workflow makes its much more efficient for the operations manager, who are constantly on their feet and on the go to respond to incidents, as compared to traditional methods such as emails and pagers.


Interactive Patient Education with Quizzes:

Clinic doctors leverage Joyform’s formbot for patient education by turning forms into engaging quizzes. These quizzes serve a dual purpose – educating patients about medical conditions and allowing doctors to conduct a preliminary assessment remotely. Patient’s do the quizzes directly on WhatsApp, without having to download any new application. Armed with this information, doctors can recommend tailored preventive measures and medications, creating a proactive approach to healthcare. The responses and results of the patients’ quiz are sent directly to the clinic’s phone and any followed-ups can be directly arranged.


Prediagnosis for Informed Clinic Visits:

Clinics can also use the formbot to conduct pre-diagnoses before patients even step through the door. By gathering essential information through Google Forms, clinics ensure a more focused and efficient in-person consultation. This not only saves time but also enables healthcare professionals to provide personalized care based on the patient’s pre-submitted data.

Efficiency meets compassion

Joyform’s seamless integration with WhatsApp ensures that healthcare professionals, often on the move, stay informed and responsive. This innovative solution not only enhances operational workflows but also empowers healthcare providers to deliver more personalized and timely care to their patients. Embrace the future of healthcare with Joyform – where efficiency meets compassion. If you would like to be part of this movement, here’s where you can get started now!

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