In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, seamless communication is essential for businesses and organizations. Joyform Notifications, a powerful tool designed for WhatsApp-centric communication, has emerged as a game-changer in this arena. The Joyform team wants to share in this article, the reasons behind the development of Joyform Notifications and the inspiration that led to this innovative solution.

The Ubiquity of WhatsApp for Businesses

WhatsApp has become an integral platform for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often rely heavily on WhatsApp as their primary communication channel with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. It has become a cornerstone in their daily operations.

The Challenge of WhatsApp Business API (WABA)

As these businesses grow and evolve, the need to streamline and automate workflows becomes apparent. WhatsApp Business API (WABA) as Meta’s official route to enable automation on WhatsApp. However, the application process for WABA presented significant challenges, particularly for SMEs.

Simplifying Automation

The inspiration behind Joyform Notifications stems from the Joyform team’s deep understanding of the hurdles and challenges faced by businesses in their journey towards WhatsApp automation. Most of these business are at the point of scaling and are considering investments into technology and software to enable these changes. We were confident that our team could develop automation products that would provide basic functionality without requiring users to have a deep understanding of programming. We wanted to create no-code solutions that would be affordable, fast to set up and easy to use, so that businesses of all sizes could benefit.


Joyform Notifications was conceived as a practical solution to empower SMEs and businesses. It offers access to WhatsApp notifications without the need for a complex WABA setup. Imagine offering a toaster to those who only need to toast bread, bypassing the intricacies of an oven (including the cost to own and maintain one!).

Empowering SMEs

One of our core objectives at Joyform is to reduce the technical barriers that often deter SMEs from exploring automation workflows on WhatsApp. We aim to empower businesses of all sizes to tap into the benefits of automation, regardless of their technical expertise.

Bridging the Gap

Understanding why we developed Joyform Notifications provides insight into our mission: to simplify WhatsApp automation for businesses, especially SMEs. Our solution is born out of a vision to break down barriers, empower SMEs, and enhance communication. By embracing Joyform Notifications, you’re joining us on this journey to streamline and simplify communication.

Now on Google Forms…

Are you a business owner managing tons of workflow using google forms? Check out our Joyform Notification add on on the Google Workspace Marketplace. Join the community of over 10k users from 100+ different countries on the Joyform + Google Form Add-on experience. Start experiencing the benefits today!

…and Zapier

With Joyform Notification + Zapier, you can receive notifications on WhatsApp for all your critical business workflows! Be it a new calendar appointment, new subscriber on your latest email campaign, or even your your team mate posting on the team’s instagram account, Joyform Notifications can be configured to alert you (and the rest of the team) to critical events in your workflows.


Check out an example here!

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